Honeycomb Blinds

‘‘ Windows are like the gateways for energies to enter and release. Inspired by the energy-fields of the universe and blended with honeycomb shell, we have created the ‘Soulscape’ collection. These Honeycomb blinds offer clean style, durability and great insulation. The pleated pattern in honeycomb blackout blinds gives a distinctive feel, while allowing you to control the light – from sheer to opaque. No wonder they are highly popular in the Indian market. ’’

Honeycomb Blinds Features

  • Heat Insulation
  • Special double cell fabrics (Aroma) for Acoustic Benefits
  • Aluminium coated film for 100% blackout
  • Single span upto 12 feet possible
  • Mechanism Options
    • Single Way
    • Day & Night
    • Top Down Bottom Up
    • Slider
Honeycomb Blinds
AIR For single way system
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100% Blackout Blind
METAL For TDBU system
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Honeycomb Blinds with Double Cell Fabric & 100% Blackout Blind

The spotlight honeycomb blind is blended with the honeycomb shell and offers tremendous insulation and protection. Honeycomb electric blinds is a class apart and the right way to upgrade the home décor and add grandeur to space simply and artistically. The electric honeycomb blind or honeycomb shades create a mysterious vibe that is edgy yet modern and works with all types of interiors. The soul scape honeycomb shutters are curated with special designs that are versatile and work wonderfully to create the desired effect. Not only do these blinds come in attractive styles but they also can make your sleep the stuff of dreams. The electric cellular blinds are classy and are ideal to enjoy unobstructed views of the world. The honeycomb blind with honeycomb cell can transform the largest of spaces into a cozy private place that spellbinds the soul, as its name suggests. Whether our aesthetic is minimalistic, contemporary, or statement-making the soulscapes are pre-engineered for a silent, calm, and smooth operation with minimal light gaps so that they provide all the extra privacy. They feature an innovative design and prevent the sun rays from damaging the furniture or valuables. Honeycomb blinds can also serve as the kitchen blinds as well as the office blinds. S3 Blinds is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of high quality honeycomb blinds including cellular blinds, blackout blinds, electric blinds, motorized blinds, mini blinds, bathroom blinds for bedroom, kitchen, home, offices and factories at the most economical and the best prices in standard and custom sizes, colors etc. Thus they are extremely functional and versatile while providing a soft look and are popular for all styles of windows.