Haverkamp - Technical Blind

Haverkamp Silver / Grey 2R
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Haverkamp Silver / Bronze 2R
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Haverkamp Technical Blind Specifications

Visible Area
Film Type Item No. Diamant / Diamant Stabila Light Transmission % Light Reflexion % Light Apsorption Ultraviolet Transmission Total Solar energy rejected % Shading co-efficient Film Width Film design
Silver / Bronze 2R 36680
3.00 72.00 25.00 <1 90.00 0.10 1520m Two Layer
Silver / Grey 2R 36640
3.00 69.00 28.00 <1 90.00 0.13 1520m
Two Layer

Features of Haverkamp Technical Blinds

  • Special Technical Blind, with a very high solar energy rejection ratio of 90 - 91.5%.
  • Gives Great visibility by cutting unwanted glare and UV rays, Protects from 98% of harmful rays.
  • Improves working Environment
  • Reduses the use of Air Condition
  • Reduces Eye strain
  • Special-fuction films for use in interior sun-protectioon systems
  • Good heat, sun and glare characteristics, with intergrated UV protection of over 99 percent
  • HAVERKAMP is certified ubder ISO 9001:2000
  • Non-fading special film

Technical Blind

S3 Blinds takes great pleasure in making sure that we offer products of the highest magnitude. The clear, durable, and hygienic sanitary protection film used to make the HAVERKAMP technological blinds that offer best quality and protection. It has a brilliant visibility, and is simple to clean and scratch-resistant. It is enduring and requires no upkeep.

In the building or rooms where it is installed, it offers protection from harmful rays, bacteria, pathogens, and debris. It also aids in maintaining a comfortable temperature. For virtually every facet of application, we provide a full selection of various blinds, including roller blinds, motorised blinds, honeycomb blinds, fabric blinds, and much more. Expert professionals create and refine custom designs while working together to provide the outcomes you want.

We also investigate the complete range of the blind's features to guarantee that the products you purchase is of the greatest quality. It is ideal for use in workplaces or any other setting. HAVERKAMP technical blinds are comes in a multitude of sizes, depending on the needs and requirements of the client, and provide Protection from the sun, visual and thermal comfort, effective glare control, exterior view control, and energy consumption.